Jazarah's Testimony

Good morning, Dominion City. This is Jezara here. And this morning, I just want to talk about God's goodness in my life so far this year. So I graduated from University, December 2020. And after graduation, I was kind of looking to get into like my career. I graduated with a bachelor's in biology. So I was looking for jobs that would require like a degree in biology. But most of the programs I looked into, they wanted like a master's degree. And I was not trying to get a master's degree. One, I wanted to go straight into med school.

I wanted to start as soon as possible. So I didn't want to take that route. So January of 2021. Basically, Dominion City, we came together as a group. And we prayed to program our month to program our year, we did fasting and praying. So we did a lot of programming at the beginning of the year. And throughout this time, I was still looking for a job or, you know, something related to my career, but I had no luck. So a few months down the line, I think it was around like April or May, I applied to a medical assistant program.

I figured, okay, well, maybe if I can just start here, it could then help me progress to the next level. So I got into the program, everything was going great. Then the last minute, the very, very last minute, right before class, they told me that they could not they could no longer give me the grant that would cover my tuition expenses. So at this time, you know, I'm just like, well, that's it, you know, that's, I won't be able to program. So a few months later, I was laying in bed one day, and an email notification popped up on my phone.

And it said something along the lines of, it's not too late, still apply. And in my head, I'm thinking, God, is this you? Is this you telling me to still go ahead and apply? Because at this point, you know, the fall semester is about to start, we're about two months out. And it's kind of late to now apply to med school. But I went ahead and I applied anyway, regardless of the requirements, regardless of anything else, because I'm like, the most they can say is no, let me still go ahead and apply. So I obey. I applied to a medical school. And about three days later, I got an email requesting an interview with me.

When the interview, the interview went amazing. Now this lady, we related on some level, we, she was from New York, I'm from New York. So we kind of had like a common ground. So in this situation, I'm thinking, okay, God gives you favor, like, he's, he's literally favoring you right now with this person, because you could have gotten anybody else to interview you, yet he chose her.

So that was step one. And then about, I think it was three days later, I got my acceptance letter. But on that acceptance letter, there were some requirements that I needed to complete my application. Yeah, I need the recommendation letters at the very last minute. And I'm thinking, okay, well, who can I email now? My old professors, they're not responding to emails. So I looked out to see who's around me. I asked Ms. Stella if she could write a recommendation for me. She was able to do so.

I was very grateful for that. So thank you for helping me out with that. And then I spoke to my advisor because she wanted a professional recommendation letter, and I didn't have that. So I spoke to her about it, and I asked if there could be an exception. Could I get just another academic letter just to replace that? She allowed that.

After the entire process, she explains to me, like, you know, your case was definitely different because for most people, it does take a little bit longer to get accepted, but yours literally took a week. So imagine that my case was different in this situation. I was feeling very, like, excited, very happy. I'm happy that I waited because when I saw that first opportunity to present itself, to, you know, become a medical assistant, I could have jumped on it, but things didn't work out for a reason. Something better was coming. Something that I actually wanted to get into.

So I'm very grateful for that. If you're feeling, if you're someone who's feeling like things may not be going the way you plan it to, you're not sure where you should go in life. You're not sure what your next steps are. I definitely recommend praying about it. Praying fast is essential. And then just knowing that God makes a way where there seems to be no way. So don't lose focus. Don't lose sight. Just pray about it. Focus on God and things will work out. He will cause people to favor you. He will change their hearts.

He will change their minds. He'll, like, do, he will work on them. That way it can benefit you in the long run. So I just want to say thank you to Pastor Steve. Thank you to Pastor Nica. Thank you to everyone who's helped me to get this far in life. Thank you, God, first and foremost.

Yeah, thank you for listening.

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