Daniel's Testimony

Hello to me in City Church, it's Danielle here and I would like to testify of God's So recently I began to lift drive on a consistent basis just to make a few extra dollars. And with lift driving in Metro Atlanta, I began to see that people are going through situations and challenges and I am an agent of Jesus Christ, so why not talk to them? So one encounter in particular, a man got in my car and he was very excited to be going wherever he was going, but he also had daily bread books in his back pocket.

So he gave me a daily bread book and I thought that was so amazing and we just started talking about Jesus. And eventually as the ride went on, I was led to talk to him about being baptized with the Holy Spirit. So he told me, he was like, you know, I've never prayed in tongues before, I always thought that that was for pastors, I don't think that I'm worthy enough to pray in tongues. And immediately, you know, I was just beginning to talk to him about praying in tongues is a gift given to us by God, you know, being baptized with the Holy Spirit is for every believer.

It's not just for pastors, it's not just for those that minister music, it's for every last one of us that are children of God. So the more we talked about it, I was getting kind of nervous because I should do it in the car, or if I should just have him call me or come to church. But just something rose up in me and was just like, hey, you know, you can pray in tongues right now. And so in the car, you know, we got to his destination, we pulled over and I just asked him, just pray with me and allow the Holy Spirit to just flow through you.

Right there in my car, he was filled with the Holy Spirit, he was baptized with the Holy Spirit and my mind was blown. I was like in a lift rod. And I was so grateful to God for touching his heart. You know, he was excited when he got out of my car, I was excited because I didn't think that God would do that in my car, but you know, he did. And he showed me, you know, that he wants people to be saved and he wants people to be filled with the Spirit and he wants them to know more about him. So as time went on, you know, I was excited about telling people about Jesus in my car.

I met a lady who had challenges and she was expressing to me what she was going through. And there was a situation in particular, and she was so distraught about it. She was very upset about it. And I listened to her, but I was also asking the Holy Spirit to lead me, like, encourage me on what to say, because, you know, there are times when you're talking to people, you're leading them to curse, but you don't really know everything that's said, especially when they're going through something in particular. So I allowed God to, you know, help me witness to her.

And I just prayed with her and I let her know that Jesus loves her. And, you

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